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Storytelling workshop

Through a series of two-hour online seminars, our specialist, Stuart Delves will share key ingredients for writing compelling stories about our places.
The training will explore research methodology, collaborative working and writing for different channels as well as fine-tuning storytelling skills by way of tried and tested exercises. UP are offering both open trainings and bespoke in-house trainings. Both formats allow learning from other participants and the latter is excellent for team building and bonding. 


Some key things we’ll explore in the workshop:
  • Conveying a sense of place
  • Giving a flavor/taste of a place
  • Attracting and alluring
  • Sources of research
  • When and how to draw on first hand experience
  • The significant detail
  • The judicious use of local idioms
  • Prioritizing messages
  • The tastes, smells, sounds as well as the sights

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"Sense of Place" workshop led by master storyteller Stuart Delves