Life science webinar inbound and content marketing-mobile

Life science marketing webinar

Learn the secrets of inbound and content marketing for life science


Marketing to life scientists

Watch the recorded 60-minute webinar

Inbound and content marketing are revolutionizing how we communicate, and how we sell products and services in the life sciences.  From mapping your customer journeys to creating content offers, are you using inbound marketing effectively?  

This sixty minute session presented by experts and thought leaders in life science marketing will cover:

  • Understanding how to start developing an inbound and content marketing program
  • Identifying your key audiences and creating relevant content that builds a relationship and thought leadership
  • Mapping the customer journey as well as understanding the benefits of using a marketing automation platform

The webinar is aimed at intermediate level digital marketers. 


Get these templates:
  • Creating buyer personas
  • Mapping your customer journey

Watch the webinar