Can your organization afford to not be prepared for a crisis?

In every crisis, communications teams and company leaders are faced with unique challenges heightened by a fast and always-on digital world in which the public has 24/7 access to social media. A crisis rarely comes announced and will always leave its impact on an organization. Therefore, it is essential that communication is handled effectively during and in the aftermath of a crisis.

Our crisis communications specialists can prepare your team in a workshop held at your location or one of ours. The workshop covers:

  • Internal & external crisis communications
  • Preparing and planning for any situation
  • Handling press and media in a crisis
  • Media training for your spokespeople

Sustainable Crisis Management

This workshop is developed from actual experiences and lessons learned by communications staff in real-life crisis situations. It covers prerequisites to handle a crisis sustainably and will help you pack your crisis communications survival bag with essential tools, templates and knowledge.

Who should attend

  • Communication team members
  • Head of Communications
  • Company spokesperson (including CEO)