Is your company ready for digital transformation?

Use this tool to help evaluate and plan your process of digital transformation within multichannel marketing

Digital transformation is the continuous journey by which a company becomes more digitally mature. This journey has no end point.  As many companies do not really know how to start their journey towards a higher digital maturity, they often use gut feel instead of relying on data.

The Digital Maturity Barometer provides you with the data you need to develop a robust and efficient digital transformation strategy for your organization's multichannel marketing.

The survey will give you a precise overview of your company’s current digital maturity level, and show you where your digitalization efforts will pay off the most.

Who will benefit from the Digital Maturity Barometer?

Any company with 60 or more employees that wants to use data to optimize its digital marketing strategy.

By taking the survey each or every second year, you can continuously monitor your progress and evaluate your investments in digital platforms, processes, and people.

The survey was first created for the pharmaceutical and life science industries, but can now be used by companies in any industry.

How does it work?

Your employees will get a link to the survey. The survey is anonymous. Some questions will be the same for all employees whereas some questions will be for sales, marketing, IT, regulatory etc. only (you have the ability to adapt the survey according to your needs).

When your employees have completed the survey you will receive a login to your result. Here you can filter the responses to make better analyzes.

The Digital Maturity Barometer will thus support you in identifying what areas need to be improved first, so that you get the maximum benefit from your investments in digital transformation.


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Who developed the Digital Maturity Barometer?

The Digital Maturity Barometer has been developed by Fredrik Holmboe, Senior Digital Strategist and Head of Inbound and Content Marketing at UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, in collaboration with a marketing survey specialist at Linköping University, Sweden, and experts with a background at Novus, a Swedish leading analysis and research company that combines traditional survey methodology with modern media.